Labirintus Publishing House

'We publish books that open a path in the labyrinth of our souls.'

We founded Labirintus Kiadó in the fall of 2021, with the intention of publishing the book On the Carousel of Art Psychology by the popular author, psychiatrist József Gerevich, in the format and conditions it deserves. No matter how simple and spontaneous this summary seems, in fact it is not: the creation of the most complete summary publication of Hungarian art psychology to date coincided with a book publisher's plan that had been maturing for years.

Labirintus Publishing House therefore combines all the experience gained in research, design and book publishing, which also indicated: there is a need for a publishing house that deals with a special segment, the psychology of creation as well as the realized work.

Art, psychology, fiction and their intertwining define his profile. The next important stop on our journey is our own creative psychology series, in which texts and images enter into an equal dialogue on important topics .


Labirintus Publishing stands behind the treasure trove of labi*. We felt the need for a place where, in addition to the book as a lovely object, we can also collect other lovely objects.

You can find our own publications as well as books published by other publishers related to the field of art-psychology-literature. If you're looking for something but can't find it, or if you want a recommendation or idea, feel free to let us know, we'll try to help.

And the term treasure trove is no accident: our selection combines the philosophy of the Enlightenment 'Wunderkammer' or 'Cabinet de curiosités' with the novelty of today's objects, all within the realm of creation and psychology.
You don't necessarily have to be a humanities major to feel the magic of discovery, the passion of collecting - it's a great program to search among treasures, to marvel at the diversity of the world through them or to discover just what you would take home with you. A thought or an object - we try to have plenty of everything...