About us

I'm Dóra Ocsovai, the founder of labi* and Labirintus book publishing. As a researcher, the underlying information and stories excite me, and as a designer, I am used to creating moods - from objects and materials. This is exactly what I am doing here, combining the two - for all of you.

Our collection consists of things that I would like to buy for myself, that are demanding, that bring joy to our everyday life, that make us happy, bring a smile to our face when we look at them - or even make us think, help us get closer to ourselves. It guides us on our way through our own inner labyrinth. That's why our product range is so diverse, while each item has a unique story.

There are little things that I discovered on a museum stroll in Paris, next to the Luxembourg Gardens. We met another manufacturer at a Barcelona fiesta in the Gracia quarter, but there are also things that I received as a gift and liked so much that I called the manufacturer - we are now successfully working together. What's more: we are both proud to be the first to represent them in the region, as we do with several brands. We also have our own manufactured and designed objects and accessories - it is a pleasure to create them for you and to see the many positive feedbacks that you like and use them.

There are classics and brand new things. Used volumes as well as those that have just come out of the press. This diversity is what makes everything you find here unique.

Welcome to our different universes