The risk of imagination - Sylvia Plath's oeuvre, life story and illness (edited by József Gerevich) HUNGARIAN LANGUAGE BOOK

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The risk of imagination - Sylvia Plath's oeuvre, life story and illness (edited by József Gerevich) HUNGARIAN TEXT

We recommend it to anyone who wants to explore the personality of a particularly talented writer in a variety of readings, to get to know and better understand the man, the woman behind the works...

Sylvia Plath, an American poet and prose writer, became known worldwide due to her autobiographical cult novel The Glass Shroud and her tragic suicide. But the connections between the poetess' personality characterized by dualities, the details of her private life and her literary work have only been revealed to a few. Who Was Sylvia Plath Really; the woman, the creator, the mother, the child, the patient? For this volume, its editor, psychiatrist József Gerevich, has selected studies that combine interdisciplinary perspectives, from which a unique psychobiographical cross-section is outlined.

The analyzes cover the poet's personal dilemmas and her struggling creative career, while providing authentic details about her psychiatric illness, its symptoms and treatment. Is there a connection between creativity and suicidal tendencies? Did Plath's writing have a therapeutic effect? Why didn't she have a smooth relationship with her parents and her husband, the British poet Ted Hughes? How did all this appear in Plath's everyday life and what kind of imprint can be discovered in the works? Searching for answers to these questions may reveal what ultimately led to the young woman's suicide.

The authors who wrote studies in the volume: literary historian Enikő Bollobás, literary historian Antal Bókay, linguist Zsófia Demjén, poet Kinga Fabó, psychiatrist József Gerevich, poet Júlia Lázár, translator, psychologist Balázs Matuszka, psychiatrist Magdolna Moretti, psychiatrist Attila Németh, cultural historian Dóra Ocsovai , psychologist Krisztina Zsédel.

TIP: Did you know that Sylvia Plath was also a talented painter, not only a writer and poet? the cover was created using his own painting.


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