From the society of therapies to creative desires (studies for József Gerevich's 70th birthday) (ed. Dóra Ocsovai - Krisztina Zsédel) HUNGARIAN LANGUAGE BOOK

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From the society of therapies to creative desires (study volume for József Gerevich's 70th birthday) (ed. Dóra Ocsovai - Krisztina Zsédel)

We recommend it to those who would like to read a diverse volume, full of interesting topics, from diverse fields from addiction to the arts

The title of the well-deservedly popular and versatile psychiatrist József Gerevich's seventieth birthday reflects his wide-ranging career: József Gerevich 's  Társadalmak terápiája aka Society of Therapies was published in 1983 and sold ten thousand copies in a few days. refers to the title of his best-selling book, while Teremtő vágyak, aka. Creative desires has had three sequels in recent years, a series of books dealing with the traumas and creative histories of artists, bringing their works into incredible proximity.

The authors of the celebratory volume are well-known specialists, friends, students, and admirers of psychology, psychiatry, and art history, who salute this diversity of the celebrated spirit with their writings: they work on topics that occur in everyday life with scientific precision.

How does the creative process help trauma processing? Are there more psychiatric patients among artists? How do addictions affect the lives and creativity of artists? Can signs of alcoholism really be detected in works of fiction? Can art help with the difficult issue of having children? What method can be used to track changes in the condition of psychiatric patients through their drawings? What is typical of teenagers' drug use? What does bullying mean and who are the most victims? What should be paid attention to when integrating students with disabilities? How is aggression related to suicide?

Many thought-provoking questions are answered through the examples of famous artists: we can read about the last love of Attila József, the strange creative relationship between Géza Csáth and Dezső Kosztolányi, the hot relationship between Verlaine and Rimbaud, but also about the 37-year marriage of Miklós Mészöly and Alaine Polcz based on addiction. We can get to know the art of Lajos Gulácsy through his rare authentic medical history, and we also get an explanation of why József Rippl-Rónai's gloomy, black pictures are transformed into loud, colorful works. Last but not least, it also reveals what kind of psychiatric illness Frida Kahlo or Salvador Dalí had.

A total of 26 articles by 30 authors can be read in the collection. Colleagues and students wish for many more years of creative energy, thus thanking József Gerevich for his inspiration and creative thinking.


hardcover, 405 pages