Gift Box | József Gerevich: On the carousel of Art Psychology, with a chosen bag

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If you are so captivated by the colorful cavalcade of On the carousel of Art Psychology that you want to take it with you everywhere - we have found the perfect bag for this...

József Gerevich's On the carousel of Art Psychlogy features a detail of Robert Delaunay's painting, a Pig carousel as a book cover. As the author of the book points out: by reading it, a new era begins in your life. Use it with the matching LOQI bag, also using a brilliant, colorful work by the French abstract painter. 

In the small practical foldable bag you can fit several books at the same time, but with its 20 kg load capacity, the ingredients of a family dinner or a still life waiting to be painted will not cause any problems for it. It's worth keeping both close to us at all times...

There is even a surprise in the box... We selected some of József Gerevich's favorite quotes and made bookmarks from them, which we randomly pack in the boxes. Thus, everything is given to fully enjoy the book.

József Gerevich's book On the carousel of Art Psychology, 210x240x30mm, 400 pages, 1.5kg.

The LOQI bag is made of 100% recycled polyester, its size is 50x40 cm, when folded it is 11.5x11.5 cm. A version of the 1916 painting by Robert Delaunay - Portuguese Woman is part of the Museum Collection series.

The Szempényvészt BOX comes gift-wrapped as shown in the picture, in a box that can be given to the recipient immediately.