József Gerevich : On the carousel of Art Psychology gift box with a Literary candle

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What could be better than reading On the carousel of Art Psychology while lighting soy candles marked with the names of the writers in the book?

In addition to the book, we also put a different type of scented soy candle in this literary candle gift box. Charles Dickens' Christmas, Mark Twain's smoky-vanilla scent, Jane Austen's floral scent, and William Shakespeare's create a classic, fresh atmosphere. The special feature of the candle is the double wick - you can even light it together - the small metal jars can later, when emptied, hide so many treasures...

There is even a surprise in the box... We selected some of József Gerevich's favorite quotes and made bookmarks from them, which we randomly pack in the boxes. Thus, everything is given to fully enjoy the book.

József Gerevich's book On the carousel of Art Psychology, 210x240x30mm, 400 pages, 1.5kg Language: HUNGARIAN 

The gift BOX comes gift-wrapped as shown in the picture, in a box that can be given to our special one immediately.