Apothecary | Orange Zest & Bergamot scented candle

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Orange Zest&Bergamot scented candle (Orange peel and bergamot)

A scent with a basic orange character, it just flows out of the bottle as if we were in an orange grove, where jasmine, lemon tree and orange bush are blooming at the same time. Shall we go? You just have to light the wick.


  • instant orange grove, in a fabulous brown bottle
  • who isn't into apothecary-style bottles? Right? This will also be a wonderful, decorative piece even if the candle has burned out


  • soy wax with cotton wick
  • 226g

Place the candlestick on a sufficiently heat-resistant surface. Do not leave it burning for more than 4 hours. Always make sure that the wick does not burn all the way to the bottom. Never leave a burning wick unattended and near flammable objects. Keep away from children and pets. Follow the instructions provided.


orange peel, lily of the valley


orange blossom, jasmine


bergamot, patchouli