Library Collection | Charles Dickens brown glass jar candle

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This special English soy candle collection was created for book lovers, in which each candle was inspired by a famous author. Not only the fragrance notes, but also the quotes on the bottles remind us of the creator.


"I will celebrate Christmas in my heart and I will try to celebrate it all year long." Charles Dickens: A Christmas Carol (1843)

What could be better for a Christmas celebration than the smell of a real spicy cake wafting through our home in the form of a soy candle? Tangerine, cinnamon, orange and vanilla with a touch of tonka and cloves… Dickens himself would join in if he could.


  • spicy, sweet, fruity at the same time, a Christmas scent
  • its glass jar and metal box are cool and can be put to good use once the candle has burned out


  • soy wax, in a brown glass jar, with a cotton wick
  • 170 grams

Place the candlestick on a sufficiently heat-resistant surface. Do not leave it burning for more than 4 hours. Always make sure that the wick does not burn all the way to the bottom. Never leave a burning wick unattended and near flammable objects. Keep away from children and pets. Always let the candle burn at least until the entire top layer has melted. This prevents indentations in the wax. For optimal combustion, we recommend regularly cutting the wick back to the recommended length.



tangerine, cinnamon, orange


vanilla, tonka bean, cloves


pine, eucalyptus