LOQI eco-friendly bag | Paul Gauguin

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LOQI eco-friendly bag | Paul Gauguin - Mata Mua (Once upon a time)

Tahitian landscape. Two Maori women in front. Panpipes play as their companions dance around a statue of the Moon Goddess singing the glories of a lost golden age on this recycled tote bag. Gauguin's painting Mata Mua (In Olden Times) depicts a bygone idyll of a landscape surrounded by mountains.

Paul Gauguin's exaggerated depictions of the body, the bright colors and strong contrasts of his paintings helped pave the way to primitivism.


Waterproof, 100% recycled ÖKO-tex material, which is painted without using water
Environmentally friendly product
Size: 50 x 42 cm
Packaged: 11.5 x 11.5 cm
Net weight: 56 g
Load capacity: 20 kg
Ear length: 27 cm