LOQI eco-friendly bag | René Magritte

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LOQI eco-friendly bag | René Magritte - The Promise

René Magritte, the Belgian painter, is one of the most important artists of surrealism. With his works, he liked to test his recipient's perception of reality, always looking for new ways to translate it out of their skin. His world is full of humor, oddities, more unusual surprises than usual.

A symphony of surreality. Sky blue bird. Daydreaming. Let your imagination run free with a tote bag depicting Magritte's painting The Promise .

You can read about the personal background of René Magritte's art in József Gerevich's book: On the carousel of Art Psychology.

Waterproof, 100% recycled OEKO-tex material, which is painted without using water
Environmentally friendly product
Size: 50 x 42 cm
Packaged: 11.5 x 11.5 cm
Net weight: 56 g
Load capacity: 20 kg
Ear length: 27 cm