Évi Fábian | Women in Hungary portrait album

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Eighty-eight moments. To see and be seen. Eighty-eight women, eighty-eight lives, eighty-eight looks. Eighty-eight portraits of women in one volume. And what do they have in common? Each of them created something important, something unique, something unusual in many areas of life. Some of them bloom on the front pages of newspapers, others are only significant for their narrow environment. But they are all important for a reason. This connects them, and one look: the look of the photographer. Évi Fábián is only interested in analog photography: unpacking the film, opening the camera, the smell of the film. He took his photos in black and white because he is searching for the innermost essence. He works with natural light, while observing and curious - he respects his subjects. Those women who have had this respect for a long time. He puts them on a pedestal, while trying to capture the person himself. He searches for secrets, gently undresses, watches, sees - and is seen. The volume entitled Women in Hungary - Portrait Gallery is illustrated by portraits of Agáta Gordon and Andrea Heves. With the help of words, without words. Eighty-eight women, eighty-eight portraits, eighty-eight experiences - and a curiously watching gaze.

Year of publication: 2006

180 pages · ISBN: 9789630619516