József Gerevich | On the carousel of Art Psychology HUNGARIAN LANGUAGE

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An illustrated handbook on The Psychology of Art (in HUNGARIAN)

This handbook brings together four decades of experience in the Psychology of Art. Flipping through its pages, the reader is taken into the artist's studio, the writer's office, the composer's music room or onto the set of a film: and will have the opportunity to see from the inside what may be going on in the creator's thoughts and in his or her direct surroundings.

Hundreds of author's life stories and works come together on the colourful carousel of psychiatrist József Gerevich: they disappear and then reappear in new perspectives, all familiar and surprising at once.

As the cavalcade of artists and artworks unfolds, artist and spectator come closer together through the psychological deciphering of art. Breathtaking stories illuminate the remarkable, bizarre and sometimes surprisingly ordinary circumstances of each work's creation.

210x260mm, 400 pages, hardcover with dust jacket
ISBN 978-615-01-3210-5 (Hungarian edition: 2021, Labirintus Kiadó)