LOQI eco-friendly backpack | Jackson Pollock

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LOQI eco-friendly backpack | Jackson Pollock - Number 32

A wild onslaught of drops, dots, dots, flashes, lines. Experimenter. Sentimental. Energetic. Mysterious. The American master Jackson Pollock decisively reshaped painting with his breathtaking abstract expressionism.

Express yourself with the US mid-century master - a backpack made from Jackson Pollock's Number 32 painting. When folded, it can be weightlessly stored in a small zippered bag so that it can be taken out at any time - when unfolded, it can comfortably hold gym equipment, prom clothes, exam materials, things to take back to the library, etc.


Environmentally friendly product, made from recycled bottles
Size: 34 x 42 cm
Packaged: 15 x 15 cm
Load capacity: 10 kg
Water repellent material

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