Classical music | Verdi - Cover print of La Traviata score

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Verdi - Cover print of La Traviata score

Designer Mylene Perelgritz used the original title page of 19th-century sheet music for the collection, which guides you into the world of classical music. These were restored with great care in the workshop, so that during printing they are applied with deep colors on thick, recycled Letterpress paper.

The print depicts a piano and violin transcription of Verdi's opera Traviata .

An excellent gift or collector's item for music lovers. It is produced in the traditional way, by hand printing, on an old Heidelberg printing press in the Letterpress workshop in France, using high quality thick paper.

A4 format, available in decorative packaging ready for gifting.


Size: 21 x 30 cm (A4)
Made: hand pressed
Paper: thick, natural recycled paper
Color: carmine red
Packaging: ready for gift wrapping