Call for Waltz | "Voulez-vous danser?" vintage greeting card with phonograph

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Call to waltz | "Voulez-vous danser?" vintage greeting card with phonograph

Let a sophisticated greeting card do the talking for you - it doesn't even need to be supplemented with many other things... it's the perfect gift.

Greeting card with a vintage phonograph print, gilded and shiny "Voulez-vous danser?" ("Are you free for a dance?") with the inscription. An excellent gift or collector's item. The card is produced in the traditional way, by hand printing, on an old Heidelberg printing press in the Letterpress workshop in France, using high quality thick paper.


Size: 10.5 x 15 cm (A6), with rounded corners
Made: hand-printed, gold-plated
Paper: thick, natural recycled paper
Color: warm gray and gold
Packaging: ready-to-gift gift-wrapped with or without a frame